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As prevention, it is essential to wear it during all equestrian activities. For an adequate protection, this helmet must be worn properly and adjusted according to the head’s volume ; for this purpose, several sizes are available for the riders. To be properly worn, this helmet must not move towards the front, back, or laterally. Any alternative solution to modify its use can potentially compromise the rider’s safety.

Evo 2X Leather by Frog Save The Queen

  • Check the external and internal state of the helmet as well as the jugular before and after each usage. When the helmet is not being used, it is advised to place it in its cover, hidden from sources of light and to not expose it to temperatures under -20°C or superior to +50°C. It is essential to not perform reparations or modifications and to transport it with caution. The date of production can be found inside the helmet. This equestrian GPA helmet’s lifespan will depend on the amount of care that it will receive and of how frequently it is used.

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