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Frog Save The Queen's Story


Frog Save The Queen was born through an undying love for the British and French cultures.


The brand was created in 2011 with the intention of forging a “British” world accompanied by the indispensable “French Touch”. To top it off, Frog Save the Queen is a project from Bordeaux, a city where the anglo saxon culture is very represented.


Frog Save The Queen is a brand who creates ready-to-wear, high-end sportswear. Despite a complicated economic environment especially in the textile industry, the brand has decided to adopt an ethical and responsible behavior by offering products that are 100% made in France and manufactured in the French region of Aquitaine.  



It pays tribute to several british sports such as rugby, golf, criquet, polo, horseback-riding and rowing by offering a large range of feminine and masculine clothing intended for demanding customers searching for originality.


Frog Save The Queen’s goal is to unite “ the world’s two best enemies” around a single, elegant brand with irreproachable quality.


For its communication campaign, Frog Save The Queen decided to use the notion of “cordial arrangement” by setting up iconic symbols from both France and the United Kingdom.


Brace yourself to enter a “parallel dimension” where you will  see the world in Franco-British colors only.

Frog Save The Queen's Story

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